Cozumel Annual Ironman Marathon

ironmanThe Ford Iron Man Cozumel occurs annually in November and attracts thousands of people to the small island. There are three parts to the race: swimming, running and bicycling. Over the course of 126 miles the contestants race on foot along the highway, hop on bicycles and swim through the protected waters of the Chankanaab Park Beach. The water leg of the race is the most visually spectacular with the sun shining off of the clear waters as they heave with swimmers and fish. Locals enjoy crowding onto the main roads in the town to cheer passing athletes and offer support for those who appear fatigued. The
finish line is at City Hall where hundreds gather to cheer and celebrate with the athletes.

Turtle Season on Cozumel Island

Turtle season cozumelApril throughout September marks turtle nesting season in Cozumel and the rest of the Quintana Roo shoreline. During these months Loggerhead and Green turtles return to their birth place to lay over 100 eggs and bury them in the soft sands of the eastern side of the island. After two months in incubation, the tiny turtles hatch and make their way hurriedly back to the ocean to begin their lives in the water. Although the number of nesting turtles used to be incredibly high in this part of the world, the modern turtles are helped along their way by dedicated volunteers. Comprised of animal scientists and a resident work force, the nests are marked and guarded until they hatch.