White Sand Beaches

cozumel beaches

Cozumel is bordered by some of the most beautiful and best beaches in the world. The soft sand is cool to the touch and you can find exotic shells in the shallow waters that ripple along the edge of the island. Locals agree that the best place to swim is along the west coast. Many of the establishments along the Malecon have access to piers where you can jump off and enjoy a shallow ocean swim with your snorkeling gear. The sandy beaches found on the east side of the island are much less populated than those on the west, and surrounded by jungle flowers, shrubs and palm trees. Visitors to this side of the island can enjoy more beach area to themselves and have fun playing, body surfing and kite surfing in the warm waves.

Bird Life on the Island

pelican s in CozumelCozumel is traditionally known as the Island of Swallows, a moniker that refers to the thousands of tiny birds that flourish in the coastal jungles of the island. A great variety of birds large and small make their home in the trees and beaches of Cozumel and offer residents and tourists a colorful backdrop to an ordinary tropical day. During the day they can be seen high above the trees, nesting in the foliage and hunting for bugs and small lizards among the little shops on the street. As the sun sets, great pelicans can be seen jostling one another in the branches of trees, looking for the best spot to settle in for the night right in front of our vacation rental villas.

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